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It says it right there in our logo: “Rock Your Crafts!” We are the wife-and-husband team of Elena & Kenny Kiernan, and we are thrilled to be able to share our vision for card makers and paper crafters who enjoy bold, fun & rockin’ stamps with attitude here at KennyK Stamps!

For Kenny, it’s always been about his obsession with comics, cartooning, and rock music cranked waaaay up! His lifelong, unwavering pursuit of these passions has rewarded him with a successful career as a professional illustrator for top-tier clients such as Hasbro, Marvel, DC, Lego, Scholastic and Nickelodeon, among many others.


Kenny is also an accomplished longtime NYC-area performing guitarist and bass player, whose irrepressible “rock dude” stage persona spills over into the energetic and highly expressive faces and body language of his digi and clear stamp characters, a lively and bold signature style previously unseen in craft stamp designs.

I am a former NYC Event Planner, entrepreneur, fellow “nightlife enthusiast” and rock ’n roller (and did sparks ever fly the first time the two of us saw each other, it’s one of our favorite stories to tell… but that’s a story for another time!) with a crafty eye for art, design and pop culture. Our rebellious and fun-loving personalities soon decided it was time to combine our unstoppable creative energies, and here we are! KennyK Stamps is a true husband/wife collaboration, blending Kenny’s technical skills and artistry with my design concepts, art direction and style. 

We love the process and our creative chemistry! We are continually inspired to create elenak.martini.circle.jpgappealing new designs that are cute and fun but also modern, edgy or irreverent and sometimes sexy, in a way that’s classy and empowering to women. If you’re a first-time visitor here, please browse our Clear Stamps and Digi Stamps categories – or if you have something specific in mind, use our Keyword Search at the top left of your screen to have a look at our popular fun-to-color designs and see firsthand what KennyK Stamps is all about!

To quote the man himself, KennyK: “The fun rocker party vibe that is the basis of our brand is an essential part of who we both are as people, and we’re very particular about what appeals to us. We try to make the kind of cool and eye-catching stamp designs that we’d love to unexpectedly find hanging on the rack at the craft store. We’re on the same page; when we’re both getting that satisfied “Yup, it’s done!” feeling, we know we have a design that’s really good!”

We love the traditional stamping themes and designs that have been out there for many years. But we believe there’s room for a fresh and contemporary rock ’n roll vibe in stamping and paper crafts that we haven’t seen before – and we’re happy to fill that niche. Are you with me?

– ElenaK

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